Where Are Vending Machines Most Successful?

A hand reaching for a vending machine in El Paso.

When starting your vending machine company, you must carefully consider where to place the machines. It is important to consider the kind of people who rely on vending machines and which locations are most convenient. By including these key factors, you are bound to see the revenue you are aiming for! We discuss why these seven locations are your best bet when choosing the ideal place for your vending machine. 

Once you have found your vending machine location, you will need to stock it! Call El Paso Snax at (915) 592-5599 or contact us online to stock your vending machine with quality snacks and beverages.


Frequently, El Paso office employees need snacks or a refreshing beverage to get them through their workday. Without a doubt, you can quickly profit from vending machines located in these kinds of workplaces. Vending machines are also convenient for those who do not pack drinks or snacks for themselves, which is a large majority. 

Car Dealerships

Even when clients come in knowing what kind of car they want, the day never entirely goes as planned. We’ve all been there before—having to wait hours just to fill out paperwork and finally get the keys to a new car! To help clients keep calm and patient, vending machines can help plenty! There’s nothing quite like having some snacks and drinks from El Paso Snax to get through a long day. 

Medical or Care Facilities 

Similar to a car dealership, family members or guests tend to wait for hours when visiting loved ones at the hospital. Patients typically have to wait in clinics, so this is just another opportunity to provide quick snacks and a break from cafeteria food with a vending machine. Because most hospitals are open 24/7, these are especially great spots to place vending machines. 

Hotels or Apartment Complexes

El Paso hotels or motels are often filled with busy travelers who are on the go. Because of this, it might be hard for them to find the time to stop for food outside of the hotel. This is where vending machines can benefit both you and the customers! 

Vending machines are also excellent staples for offices or hallways in apartment complexes, especially when potential residents are coming in to visit and tour. 

Gyms or Fitness Centers 

If you have ever forgotten your water bottle or beverage at home when going to the gym, you know just how convenient a vending machine can be! If gym members need to refuel or fill up their bottles, they can easily go to a vending machine and quickly get a refreshing drink or snack. Rest assured, you will make an easy profit from gym-goers. 


Students usually make up the most customers who buy from vending machines. Whether they are grade students or college pupils, students are always looking for snacks to fuel them and help them through their day. 

When placing vending machines in school settings, you can add a mix of healthy and savory snacks from El Paso Snax to appeal to every kind of customer and student!


When people are shopping for groceries or other necessities, it is typical to get hungry and need something small to fill them up. When buying groceries—on top of running many other errands—customers can get the pick-me-up they need to complete their shopping! 

Vending machines are also great for these settings if parents bring their little ones with them. That way, they are also occupied and filled with a snack for the time being!

Look Into the Vending Machine Solutions and Supply At El Paso Snax!  

If you are considering the vending machine business, there is no better place to start than here at El Paso Snax! We provide the snacks, beverages, and services you need to fill your vending machines and get your business going. Call El Paso Snax at (915) 592-5599 or contact us online today to see our wide variety of services, snacks, and beverages.

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