What You Need for Your El Paso Office Coffee Station

A white coffee machine with a white coffee mug underneath it in an El Paso office.

If you have a new office building or are thinking about adding an office coffee station, you are probably wondering what you need to stock properly. While your office shouldn’t reflect that of a coffee shop, it should also have the basic necessities employees need in order to enjoy and drink coffee throughout the day. Thankfully, we’re here to help you get started. 

If you are interested in adding a coffee station to your El Paso office, El Paso Snax can help! Contact us online or call (915) 592-5599 to learn more!

Coffee Machine/Equipment 

Obviously, you can only have coffee in the office with a coffee maker. In a world where so many of us rely on coffee to get through each workday, there are many machines and coffee makers you can choose from! We guarantee you can find what you need at El Paso Snax if you have a specific machine. 

A Variety of Coffee 

Once you have your coffee maker, it is time to consider different kinds of coffee. Some people have different tastes. Therefore, mixing it up or providing a variety of flavors is the considerate thing to do. At El Paso Snax, we provide K-cups for Keurigs, handcrafted coffee, espresso, and many other products


Just as we mentioned, everyone has their preferences and taste. That means some people may prefer other drinks or not even drink coffee. Well, having some tea products in stock in your office coffee station never hurts. It is also good to consider kombucha products, which have risen in popularity. 


Everyone likes their drinks prepared to their taste. Some people love cold brew coffee. Whether your office employees drink coffee or not, ice is a necessity you should always have in your office coffee station. People want to keep their drinks fresh throughout the day, so it is important that you always have ice in stock and available! 


You simply cannot have coffee without a sweetener to top it off! Just like you would with K-cups or coffee products, you always want to keep a variety of sweeteners in stock and fresh in the fridge at your office coffee station. It could be helpful to ask your employees what kinds of sweeteners they like; that way, you know what to purchase. 


Like sweeteners, creamer is necessary for that morning cup of coffee. And now is the perfect time to look into different holiday flavors! Although, it never hurts to mix up flavors or to purchase a variety year-round to keep your employees satisfied, energized, and happy every time they start their work day!

Cups, Utensils, Etc. 

You cannot have coffee without the right drinkware and utensils! All too often, we forget about the most obvious necessities. Here at El Paso Snax, we also offer and provide these materials. Overall, we are a one-stop shop for all of your office beverage and food needs! 


Many snacks go well with morning coffee that you can offer your employees. Some great snacks include: 

  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Pastries or bread
  • Cookies 
  • And much more!  

Whatever kinds of snacks or small foods you are looking for to stock your office coffee station, it is guaranteed we have everything you need here at El Paso Snax. 

Keep Your Office Stocked With Beverages and Snacks from El Paso Snax  

Now that you know where to go in El Paso, all you have left to do is contact us online or call (915) 592-5599 or give us a visit! We are here to answer any questions you may have. Most importantly, we are always ready to keep your coffee sourced and stocked with beverages, snacks, and more! 

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