What You Need For The Perfect El Paso Office Coffee Station

Three office workers holding coffee mugs over a workstation.

If your employees enjoy coffee, you probably have many ideas about what the ideal El Paso office coffee station should look like. Perhaps you have yet to give it much thought because your favorite coffee shop is so close to your house. But if your office is full of coffee drinkers, you may benefit greatly by setting up a coffee station in the break room!

Coffee is consumed in the morning, midday, and possibly at the end of the day. It is crucial for your staff to have a nice, strong cup of coffee or cups. Instead of having your employees take trips to the coffee shop (which ends up wasting time away from the office and may even reduce productivity), you can set up a coffee station in the office!

Many companies incorporate coffee facilities into their workplaces. To learn more about what goes into setting up an office coffee station for your El Paso office, keep reading!

Here are a few tips that you can work on: 

Determine the Choice of your Employees

Take a quick poll of your employees before launching your coffee program. Find out their favorite beverage and how frequently they plan to visit the office if allowed to work from home on some days. You might be shocked to learn that some people only consume iced coffee during specific seasons.

Find the Best Location

Nothing is more frustrating than establishing an office coffee station in an undesirable area. If the break room is too small, consider another location that won’t result in traffic jams. You will also want to arrange your coffee station in the ideal spot to avoid issues like needing access to hot water or having the coffee uncomfortably close to someone’s computer. Electricity is needed for coffee makers and other equipment. As such, it’s crucial to have access to secure outlets. It’s best to conceal wires for safety reasons and to give your coffee shop a professional appearance.

Have the Right Machine

The equipment you’ll need varies depending on how you typically make coffee. Are you a fan of the French press, or do you prefer an automatic espresso maker? Decide what you like, then pursue it. Remember to have a coffee machine that is easy to operate, chic in design, and has the easiest and fastest options. Your employees wouldn’t like to operate a coffee machine that is too complex or requires many options and buttons to be pressed.

Keep Instructions Handy

Not understanding how to prepare coffee and not wishing to ask for help are the major obstacles to office coffee use. Keep a laminated sheet of paper with step-by-step guidelines for the coffee-to-water proportion, brew time, machine adjustments, and average brew time close to the brewer or in a neighboring drawer. Leave instructions on how to operate a gadget like a French press if you also own a manual brewer, effectively reminding people of how simple it is.

Ensure Cleanliness

Another thing to consider is designating someone to take care of the coffee bar area. Keeping the space where your drinks are created clean is good for food safety, whether you delegate this task to an administrative specialist or ask your team members to share the obligation. Cold items, such as iced coffee, milk, and non-dairy substitutes, need to be refrigerated at the proper temperature. Make sure that there is a sink where you can wash your hands and dishes and paper towels nearby for any spills. 

Remember Restocking

An El Paso office coffee station is a great bonus for employees, but your staff will only feel valued if it’s stocked. Routinely ordering supplies and coffee must fall to a team member. Consider establishing subscriptions to enable this a less strenuous lift.

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An office coffee station is a great way to increase productivity in the workplace. If you require office coffee services or vending services for your office, you can contact El Paso Snax to have the best services in El Paso!

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