Reducing Your Environmental Impact: How Vending Machines Contribute to Sustainability

Man looking at a vending machine

The modern-day vending machine has much more to offer than serving the needs of employees and students everywhere. Vending machines are now designed to be digitally connected and sustainable. If you are considering bringing vending machines into your workplace, you won’t have to worry about energy usage and the costs to fill the machines. These machines are now being manufactured to cut costs in several aspects, not to mention the benefits they offer employees who are working on a strict and demanding schedule. We explore how vending machines offer sustainability in the workplace. 

A Great Save on Energy Usage 

Vending machines use about 7 to 14 kilowatts per hour of energy. At this rate, vending machines cost approximately 500 dollars a year to have them running. There are eco-friendly vending machines that are made to reduce power usage by operating them on energy-saving mode. Like this, the machine shuts down on its own when it is not being used. 

Reduced Dependency on Fast Food 

With easy access to snacks and drinks, people don’t have to rely on making frequent trips to fast-food restaurants to fuel the rest of their day. Whether these machines are located in schools or offices, students and employees can benefit all the same. Fewer trips for food, low prices, accessible food, and single-use packaging in vending machines equals sustainability overall!

A Few Machines Goes a Long Way 

If you are thinking of putting vending machines in your workplace, you won’t need more than two machines to supply all of your employees! The more vending machines you have on-site, the more energy that is being used. It is understandable if you have a large business, but it is helpful to try keeping them to a minimum. 

Use a Vend Miser to Your Advantage 

Vending misers are also very helpful tools when it comes to keeping the office a sustainable place. They are designed to cut a vending machine’s electricity consumption in half. These tools automatically turn off the vending machine when it is not being used, they monitor room temperature, and automatically re-power its cooling system to ensure snacks and/or beverages stay cold. 

Invest in a Vending Machine, Contact Us! 

You can save plenty on energy usage and utility costs for your workplace while keeping your employees fueled and energized throughout the day with our vending machines. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can contribute to your workplace!

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