Vending Machines: How They Continue to Evolve in Our Modern Era

A woman selecting an item from a vending machine outside during the evening

Vending machines have been a mainstay in our society since their inception in the late 19th century. They provide respite for the hungry and the snacky; a convenient answer to life’s unexpected cravings. In our modern era, vending machines have evolved quite a bit. While you’ll still find machines stocked with potato chips and sodas, many have made the shift toward providing healthier options. And for good reason! As a society, we’ve become more cognizant of what we consume. As such, the vending machines that surround us have evolved to meet our needs.

If you’re looking for a vending machine company to partner with, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether this is your first time embarking upon the vending machine revolution or you’ve been a part of it for decades, we can help. Below, we’ve compiled some important things to keep in mind to further understand the vending industry. As always, trust El Paso Snax for all your vending and micro-market needs!

Fewer Barriers Between Consumer and Product — How Amazon is Evolving the World of Vending

In early 2020, Amazon made headlines when it opened its first cashier-less store. Named “Amazon Go Grocery,” this store eschewed the need for lines and cashiers, allowing shoppers to simply “grab and go.” While this may seem futuristic, it’s actually just the same idea behind vending machines and micro-markets on a slightly larger scale. The one difference, of course, is that Amazon Go doesn’t even require customers to pay for their purchase at the store. It may take a while for this shopping style to become commonplace in our society, as simply walking out with a week’s worth of groceries without having to wait in line may make some uncomfortable. The process of waiting in line and needing a cashier’s help when checking out is so engrained in us that removing it whole cloth is nothing short of jarring.

Vending Machines are Here to Stay

While the Amazon Go store can be compared more to the self-checkout at your local grocery store, it still correlates with the vending machine industry. One could imagine the society of the late 1800s reacting similarly to vending machines as we’re reacting now to Amazon Go Grocery. Over a century later, vending machines have become commonplace in our world. They continue to offer a solution to the problem of unexpected hunger or thirst. Running late to a meeting? Simply drop a few quarters into a vending machine to grab a snack so you can be in top form.

Welcome Vending Machines into Your Realm of Influence

One of the most glaring differences between Amazon Go Grocery stores and vending machines is that one is much easier to get involved with. Entrepreneurs and business owners alike can happily collaborate with a vending machine company to outfit their office, shopping center, hospital, campus, etc. with convenient vending machines wherever people congregate the most. You’d be hard-pressed to see Amazon offering opportunities that are as simple to set up like this.

Vending machines are a great business opportunity, providing countless benefits to those who want to dip their toe in the world of vending and snacking. To achieve surefire success, you need to team up with a reputable vending machine company. This is where El Paso Snax comes into play. As proud members of Canteen, we’ve been helping El Pasoans keep their hunger at bay since 1983. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, simply give us a call. Take part in the vending revolution, today!

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