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With hundreds of thousands of people traveling to offices each day for work, there’s a massive demand for food and beverages to satiate employees throughout the day. However, as the populace becomes more health-conscious, they look for more options that may not be available in the standard vending machine. Enter micro-markets, a booming sales model that blends conventional vending machines, and a full-service convenience store.

At El Paso Snax, we are the industry leader in micro market design and supply. We have seen first-hand how this type of service can benefit corporate management and employees alike. To learn more from our team directly, feel free to contact us today to get more info!

How Micro Markets Transform Your Office

So we’ve established that micro markets represent a new way to serve food, drinks, and other items, but how exactly does it work? In basic terms, a micro market is simply a miniature retail space with open shelves and refrigerated kiosks. Corporate micro markets are also unmanned instead of using an automated payment system.

This type of setup is beneficial in several ways. First, employees can get fresh, healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks in addition to foods that may be in a vending machine. Second, you still don’t have to pay someone to man the space, like with a vending machine. Third, access to other options can boost morale and even promote a healthier lifestyle that helps with health insurance claims. These are just some of the ways that corporate micro markets can prove beneficial in your office.

Choosing Our Team For Your Micro Market

If you are exploring whether vending machines, micro-markets, or other options are right for your office, our team can help! With nearly 40 years of quality service under our belt, we can provide everything you need from early design to final installation and restocking. Through quality products and stellar service in nearly every industry, we’ve grown to be El Paso’s market leader in vending services. No matter the scope of your vending or micro-market venture, our team can support it every step of the way!

Our Full List Of Services

We provide the following services/supplies:

  • Micro Markets
  • Vending Machines
  • Sodas/Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Cold Foods
  • Snacks

Build Your Corporate Micro Market With El Paso Snax!

Ready to add your very own corporate micro-market to your office space? Our team is ready to help!
To get started, please contact us via phone, email, or through our website to begin the process!

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