Exploring the Benefits of Micro Markets for Small Businesses

A person getting a cup of coffee from a machine in an El Paso micro market.

Are you the owner of a small business with a decent-sized crew under your wing? If so, then you and your company would benefit greatly by introducing a micro market to your team. Here, we will discuss what kind of benefits you’d see for your business. 

At El Paso Snax, located in El Paso, TX, we provide micro markets and vending machine services to businesses in the surrounding area. If you’re looking to improve the atmosphere of your workplace, a micro market is the way to do it. For more information, give us a call at (915) 592-5599 or contact us online today!

A Great Business Investment

Introducing an El Paso micro market to your workplace has multiple benefits for you and your employees. Not only is it beneficial from a business standpoint, but it will also make your employees happy. Read below for a list of benefits that micro markets can have on your small business. 

  • Your Employees Are Less Burnt Out- Stressful job duties, high workloads, and long hours can cause employees to become burnt out. By investing in a micro market, your employees can take a much-needed break to grab a coffee or a snack. With fewer burnouts, work productivity can increase. 
  • High Return on Investment- Micro markets can receive roughly a 17% ROI for businesses that bring them to the workplace. Because the concept of a designated break area is appealing to workers, it’s almost a guarantee they’d take advantage of it all the time. The bottom line is you’ll get your money’s worth. 
  • Contactless Means Less Germs- Following COVID, consumers are more cautious with germs and publicly touched services. Micro markets offer contactless solutions to make these worries less of an issue. 
  • A Large Variety of Items- Compared to a vending machine, a micro market can hold hundreds of products, thus increasing the consumer pool. They can also hold larger items or meals as well as frozen foods. 
  • Can Be Placed Anywhere- Micro markets can be made to be either compacted or spaced out. This means that it can fit in a variety of places within a building. In addition to the space, because micro markets can be made contactless, there is no limit to how long they can be open. 

Micro Markets in El Paso

At El Paso Snax, located in El Paso, we offer a variety of products to be placed in micro markets. If you’re interested in boosting morale and productivity in your workplace, call (915) 592-5599 today to see what we can do for you!

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