Welcome Employees Back into the Office with a Fully-Stocked Break Room!

Business colleagues eating in office kitchen

For the past few months, the world has returned to a sense of normalcy. It seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting even closer with each passing day. While many offices shifted to the remote, work-from-home model during the pandemic, a return to the office is beginning to take place. Employers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The pandemic basically proved that many industries can work from home at equal (or sometimes higher) productivity.

So how can employers entice their employees to return to the office?

The pros of working from home may far outweigh the cons, but there are still many benefits to working from an office setting. Simply having an office space where employees can collaborate on tasks can bring about excellent results. But have you considered fully stocking your office’s break room with tasty, high-quality snacks and drinks? As El Paso’s go-to snack and vending company, El Paso Snax is here to provide business owners with the best ideas to welcome their employees back into the office!

Improve Employee Morale with a Great Break Room!

Many professionals understand the importance break rooms play in the office environment. A break room is a place of respite; a room where employees can convene to relax and partake in delicious snacks and coffee. Having a proper break room can increase productivity among employees while boosting morale. It can be a room where employees form bonds and foster friendships that can evolve to produce higher quality work and more successful projects. Quite a positive impact, don’t you think? But properly outfitting your break room isn’t as easy as going to Ikea to buy some fancy tables and chairs. A break room is nothing if it’s not well stocked. El Paso Snax is here to take care of all the heavy lifting!

Switch Out that Old Coffee Machine with a Top-Grade Coffee Maker!

Coffee and work go together like chocolate and peanut butter. One can’t thrive without the other, and many office workers require coffee in order to focus on their tasks. If your break room’s coffee maker looks like something that belongs in a diner from 1982, then it’s time to replace it! Even if you have a nice Keurig, your break room’s coffee offerings may not appease your employees’ palates. By partnering with a reputable vending company like El Paso Snax, you can have the right coffee machine with the best flavors available for your employees, day in and day out! Best of all, we’ll keep your coffee well stocked so there will never be a dreary Monday morning without coffee. Click here to learn more about our coffee services!

Keep Your Break Room Stocked and Varied

Break room fare is often bleak. Flavorless snack bars, boring cereal, and moldy fruit are not only unappetizing but depressing. Your employees may very well avoid the break room altogether because there’s nothing appealing in there for them. Instead of letting your break room become just another scarcely used room in the office, you can team up with El Paso Snax! As a full-service vending team, we can easily outfit your break room with vending machines that will be properly stocked and re-stocked so your employees will always have options to fuel themselves throughout the day.

We offer much more than chips and sodas. Our vending services go above and beyond so your break room can have fresh fruit, a wide range of healthy and delicious snacks, and even on-tap beverages options! Not only will we outfit your break room with the best vending and coffee machines, but we’ll also keep everything stocked so you won’t have to worry about items running out. If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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