6 Great Beverages for Your Office and Employees

Happy colleagues celebrate during lunch break in office

Today’s workplace standards can be rather demanding. With so many tasks and projects to get done in a workday, offices everywhere are looking for new ways to provide their employees with the energy they need. One of the best ways to start improving the quality of your office is by providing more beverages and drinks that will tend to your employees’ needs. Let’s take a look at the best beverages to have in your office to fuel your employees with motivation!


This is a must for every office, so if you have yet to provide a coffee maker for your office, you should do so right away. Coffee gives many people that extra kick they need in the morning to start their day and to maintain productivity. Thankfully, there are many great coffee services available for you to choose from! 

Green Tea 

Green tea, of all beverages, is a highly-recommended drink, especially for those who are looking to substitute coffee. Consuming green tea regularly is shown to help improve brain function and help prevent cardiovascular disease, which is a concern for many office workers considering they typically spend eight hours a day sitting down. Simply put, green tea is an energy-boosting and healthy drink. Make sure to stock your office break room with this delectable beverage! 

Filtered Water

Investing in your office should include investing in the well-being of your employees. Your office should have a water filtration system that makes water safe and enjoyable for your employees to drink. Water, above all, is the best thing to drink, so make sure you are providing enough water that is healthy for your office. 

Cold-Pressed Juices

Cold-pressed juices are beverages that use a hydraulic press to extract juice and natural flavors from fruits and vegetables. This makes consuming juices healthier and more exciting for your employees. Many kinds of juices are proven to be beneficial to our health, but the more organic, the better! 


Kombucha has risen in popularity considering its unique taste and surprising health benefits. The beverage is made through the fermentation of tea, typically black or green, and includes sugar, healthy bacteria, and yeast. If you want to support your employees and their lifestyle goals, try offering kombucha!


Although drinks such as tea and kombucha have taken over in beverage sales, soda is still highly requested by many in the workplace. Oftentimes, employees are looking for just the right drink to wash down their lunch and soda is the go-to. You can never forget to offer soda to your employees!

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